The Holidays are a Great Season for Spending Quality Time with Loved Ones and Friends

From trimming Christmas trees to mouth-watering eggnog and scrumptious Turkey dinners – the holidays are also a wonderful time to test your creativity and ingenuity. One common problem many families face during Christmas dinners is space.

No truer is this than when it comes to adding smaller tables on the side of longer ones. While these are usually relegated to the kids, it can still secure a feeling of separation and isolation. The same can also be said for separate dining tables – which are simply not acceptable if trying to secure a level of family unity and togetherness.

Long Doors as Dining Tables?

Instead of spending countless dollars on lavish and exquisite dining tables at IKEA, the solution may be in your garage. In fact, many families are utilizing old doors as extended dining tables this holiday season. This popular trend was recently featured on an Internet show called “Holiday Ideas and Money Saving Options.” In a nutshell, you can use old long doors by simply mounting 4 legs on the corners –and possible one in the middle for optimal balance.

These accessories can easily be picked up at local furniture stores and warehouses. They will even supply you with the bolts and screws but you will need to have a screwdriver or power drill. Checking YouTube is a great way to see how legs can be mounted, as well as which doors seem to work the best. If you do not have any spare doors at your home – check to see if there are any laying around in your office. You may even be able to find these items at area architectural firms for free or a small price.

Other Solutions for Holiday Gatherings

If you have no luck with finding long tables, you can still use small utility tables for holiday dinners. In fact, this might be the cost-effective solution to mounting legs onto long doors. You would, however, need to use or purchase a few tables to facilitate all your loved ones and guests. This, of course, depends on how many people will be attending.

Simply place tables in a vertical manner for maximum comfort – and use an extended tablecloth which can be taped or stapled on the sides to prevent bunching up. It is also advised to place a strong centerpiece in the middle of the tables to hold down the center. These are but a few suggestions to secure ample room for all your loved ones and guests this holiday season!